On The Road [while Female]

While I'm sure that, on average, single men meet with far more suspicion than single women, it was made quite clear to me that in this context men were seen as being adventurous, while I was a cause for concern—"a dangerous blank." Friends, parents, people I met on the road were often worried about my well-being, as if little good could come of my being out in the world alone.

Found Subject

Found Subject is my latest documentary project, and follows Robert Larson, a peripatetic found-object artist, and a member of the Tannery live/work artist community. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, he has also lived and worked in the industrial spaces of Oakland. While many choose to view Santa Cruz as an idyllic beach community removed … Continue reading Found Subject

Music: A Moody Spring

A friend sent me this clip from Timber Timbre's last album, which I missed when it came out. I love how spooky and David Lynch-like the visuals are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJU4k1Lrhh0 Earl Sweatshirt is back releasing new tracks, and they're great, lyrical, and introspective – "get up off the pavement, brush the dirt up off my psyche." The … Continue reading Music: A Moody Spring

Media: Enemy Mine

Yesterday I saw an ad on Facebook featuring a specific, obscure pair of shoes that I bought, so, today, I followed these extremely helpful directions from the Electronic Frontier Foundation about how to opt-out of direct marketing databases, block tracking of your web history, and generally stop advertisers from mining your data. Really pleased so … Continue reading Media: Enemy Mine