Media: Hollywood Needs Women

In one of my Film & Digital Media seminars this spring, a classmate had us do an exercise: She showed us a series of photos of well-known female directors, such as Lynne Ramsay and Sally Potter—women whose movies a group of film nerds would likely have seen and admired, some of whose work I count … Continue reading Media: Hollywood Needs Women

Media: Gearhead Fantasia

Wired's recent piece about Op Doc maker Casey Neistat is envy-inducing. Their photo-essay on his workspace manages to trigger both extreme gear lust (lookit all the cameras!), as well as childhood wishes for a treehouse/ secret clubhouse. It's reminiscent of Andrea Zittel's OCD-ridden projects about space and organization, but that's not a bad thing at … Continue reading Media: Gearhead Fantasia

Music: Debut’s Debut

Today I'm listening to Björk's Debut after a very long hiatus. I just found out that it is 20 (20!) years old this week, which hardly seems possible, and yet, it's definitely part of my musical pre-history. I dimly remember hearing "Human Behavior" on WDRE, a local station where pre-teen me learned volumes about music … Continue reading Music: Debut’s Debut

Video: The Fog San Francisco's fog may be a part of it's most widely broadcast image, but that still doesn't prepare noobs like me for for it's prehensile ability to slide into a neighborhood and radically change its weather in moments. It doesn't require special camera trickery to look as if it were a time-lapse image, so … Continue reading Video: The Fog