Today I’m listening to Björk’s Debut after a very long hiatus. I just found out that it is 20 (20!) years old this week, which hardly seems possible, and yet, it’s definitely part of my musical pre-history. I dimly remember hearing “Human Behavior” on WDRE, a local station where pre-teen me learned volumes about music (its fate is a sob story for another day), and thinking “ooh, the girl from The Sugarcubes.” It was one of the first albums I chose for myself, and I was thrilled by how Björk’s lyrics mapped an emotional landscape that I didn’t know pop music could touch. It was so defiantly weird—landing in a music scene that was still full of high-gloss, mechanized idols like Madonna and Janet Jackson. The video—probably the first thing I saw directed by Michel Gondry—sealed the deal. Bears! Hedgehogs! Stop-motion animation! I remember staying up to watch 120 Minutes just to see it one more time.

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