Cities: Blackout NYC

The 2003 NYC Blackout was 10 years ago today. I was at work at Condé Nast that morning, and in the middle of making a phone call when the power went out, which must have been hilarious for whoever picked up my message days later. I remember the panic at looking out the window at … Continue reading Cities: Blackout NYC

Cities: Changing Shanghai

A friend forwarded this Telegraph post with photos of the same view in Shanghai, 26 years apart. The amount the city has changed is staggering. The first time I was in Shanghai was around the same time as this first photo was taken: Then, the skyline of the city was the Bund—a low-rise boulevard of … Continue reading Cities: Changing Shanghai

Last Night on Earth

Here's a little excerpt from the piece I'm working on, along with some images from the first night I landed in LA. It was really too appropriate, considering I've got sci-fi dystopia and apocalypse on the brain. "Every American city boasts an official insignia and slogan. Some have municipal mascots, colors, songs, birds, trees, even … Continue reading Last Night on Earth