Very excited for a bit of good news right now: Wheels de Amor, a short doc that I played a part in making, is an official selection for No Man’s Land Film Festival’s flagship program in Denver this March! The space No Man’s Land is cultivating in outdoor sports for representation of women and gender-nonconforming folks out in the world doing what we love is necessary and inspiring. Last year’s virtual festival got me through the depths of being laid up with an injury on the heels of the winter covid surge, and is part of why I finally started climbing, in addition to re-inspiring my surfing and snowboarding. Though I have known climbers for many years—a few of them close friends and housemates—I always thought I was the wrong body type for the sport, too old to start, and couldn’t see a space for myself in the community. That changed watching the feature films and short docs in last year’s program—I watched hours of femme climbers and other athletes of all ages, sizes, and experience levels pursuing their passions and was freshly reminded how much the idea of “see it, be it” matters. I can’t wait for the rest of the films and to meet other creators in Denver this spring!

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