Found Subject from Kristin Miller on Vimeo.

Found Subject follows Robert Larson, a peripatetic found-object artist, and a member of the Tannery live/work artist community. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, he has also lived and worked in the industrial spaces of Oakland. While many choose to view Santa Cruz as an idyllic beach community removed from the concrete of the San Francisco Bay area, Larson understands these spaces as intimately connected by highways, trains, and the intermingling of people and environment.

Larson travels throughout the region along railroad tracks and through warehouse districts, collecting the remnants of ubiquitous commercial objects such as cigarette packs, lighters, matchbooks, and lottery tickets. Combining these elements in a form that is part-painting, part-collage, part-sculpture, his work catalogs human presence in the landscape and reveals how time and exposure alter consumer artifacts, decaying the manufactured shine of pop art into something more complex.

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