Video: New York at 780fps

This video by James Nares is utterly hypnotic. Shot with a Phantomflex high-speed camera, it captures the microdramas of street life in midtown Manhattan in a supersharp 780 frames per second, and covers the distance between Bill Viola and Phillip Lorca-diCorcia. Think of all the things we miss, second-by-second hurrying through cities at normal … Continue reading Video: New York at 780fps

Found Subject

Found Subject is my latest documentary project, and follows Robert Larson, a peripatetic found-object artist, and a member of the Tannery live/work artist community. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, he has also lived and worked in the industrial spaces of Oakland. While many choose to view Santa Cruz as an idyllic beach community removed … Continue reading Found Subject

Mary Mattingly’s Flock House

Mary Mattingly’s Flock House, as it will look when installed on top of the MEX building. From the New York Times blog "The Local." New York is a crowded city, both in terms of the number of people who live here, and in its physical footprint. Our apartment towers and skyscrapers press against the water … Continue reading Mary Mattingly’s Flock House