“Postcards from the Future” on Slate

My essay that appeared in Boom: A Journal of California's winter 13-14 issue is on Slate.com today as "California is the Future." The original text and photos have been enhanced with a map plotting the locations of future California, by my UCSC Digital Art & New Media colleague Wayne Marci. Check it out!

Postcards from the Future

My latest essay, accompanied by my photographs of sci-fi film locations in CA, is out this month in the Winter 13-14 issue of Boom: A journal of California. http://www.photosnack.com/7D8FBAD9E8C/ptkab9pp.html "Postcards From the Future" From Boom Winter 2013, Vol. 3, No. 4 Postcards from the Future - Boom: A Journal of California, a set on Flickr. … Continue reading Postcards from the Future