Utopia After the Human

On April 11–12, I'll be participating in Utopia After the Human, the fifth symposium organized by the research network Imaginaries of the Future: Historicizing the Present. I'll be presenting work from my ongoing research on the ways that ideas of the Anthropocene circulate in visual media, focusing on dystopian imagery and environmental documentary. The other papers cover … Continue reading Utopia After the Human

“Postcards from the Future” on Slate

My essay that appeared in Boom: A Journal of California's winter 13-14 issue is on Slate.com today as "California is the Future." The original text and photos have been enhanced with a map plotting the locations of future California, by my UCSC Digital Art & New Media colleague Wayne Marci. Check it out!

Postcards from the Future

My latest essay, accompanied by my photographs of sci-fi film locations in CA, is out this month in the Winter 13-14 issue of Boom: A journal of California. http://www.photosnack.com/7D8FBAD9E8C/ptkab9pp.html "Postcards From the Future" From Boom Winter 2013, Vol. 3, No. 4 Postcards from the Future - Boom: A Journal of California, a set on Flickr. … Continue reading Postcards from the Future

Last Night on Earth

Here's a little excerpt from the piece I'm working on, along with some images from the first night I landed in LA. It was really too appropriate, considering I've got sci-fi dystopia and apocalypse on the brain. "Every American city boasts an official insignia and slogan. Some have municipal mascots, colors, songs, birds, trees, even … Continue reading Last Night on Earth